The race, in its own rights, to own these varieties will lead growers and winemakers wanting to make the best quality wines, meaning the adoption of environmentally conscious management practices will prevail, which is good for all.

17 Jun 2021

To celebrate our recent award of INNOVATIVE VINEYARD OF THE YEAR from Young Gun of Wine Vineyard of the Year Awards, we are offering the chance to win a dozen wines of your choice (excludes fortified and out of stock wine).

30 Mar 2021

Inaugural Vineyard of the Year Awards 2021 - Young Gun of Wine

Max Allen sees the awards as, “A great opportunity to shift the focus of our national wine conversation from how wines are made to how they’re grown.”

19 Mar 2021

With Autumn arriving, the hues turn darker and the flavours become more robust. We want to share the perfect Autumn reds with you.

12 Mar 2021

"Change is afoot in the Australian wine scene with consumers embracing the alternative perspective in the quest to expand their palates".

7 Jan 2021

Winemaker Ashley Ratcliff says: Making a wine using blends of different grape varieties allows for the creation of a style that is consistent from vintage to vintage. Our 2020 vintage blend of the Bullets Before Cannonballs is tempranillo dominant with lagrien, aglianico and shiraz – plus a splash of nero d’avola. This is a highly versatile wine that can dressed up and taken to any high end restaurant and perform at its best, or enjoyed at home with a bowl of pasta and friends.

11 Dec 2020

"Australia is vast, with our climate richly diverse. And our wine regions are just as varied, with grapes grown in some cool and lofty places, as well as those low-lying and relentlessly hot. And with those hot places not looking like cooling down anytime soon, growers around the country are turning to varieties that don’t just tolerate the heat, but genuinely relish it. Sicily’s nero d’avola has been leading the pack for sun-loving varieties, rapidly inserting itself into the thinking of growers, winemakers and drinkers alike, with the number of plantings and bottled expressions expanding exponentially. When you think that the first Australian example was only made a little over a decade ago, it’s an extraordinary rise. And, well, that means a Deep Dive is in order. We gathered a group of Australia’s finest palates to taste as many local neros as we could to see what makes it tick".

Young Gun of Wine - @younggunofwine

Photo Credit - @morgophoto

27 Nov 2020

Ricca Terra wines awarded three trophies at the 2020 Alternative Variety Wine Show.

9 Nov 2020

At the recent Riverland Wine Show and the Australian Italian Variety Wine Show, Ricca Terra not only collected a swag full medals, we also were awarded four trophies. The trophies won at the Riverland Wine Show included; Best Rosé of Show, Best Red Wine of Show and Most Successful Exhibitor Dry Red. At the Australian Italian Varieties Wine Show, the 2019 Aglianico was awarded the Chief Judges Trophy for Most Exciting Wine. 

21 Oct 2020

Score: 90 ★★★★

9 Oct 2020

Judges Trophy - Most Exciting Wine of Show

Australian Italian Varieties Wine Show

2 Oct 2020

Nearly sixteen months ago, I decided to become a vegetarian. For most of my life I loved meat!  My self-imposed treat on a Saturday morning was to drop in to our local butcher (Angaston) and have a slice or two of beef jerky with a cup of coffee for breakfast.  Bloody lovely!

17 Sep 2020

Wine Australia, "There’s a revolution underway in the Riverland wine region, and vigneron Ashley Ratcliff is leading the charge with his alternative varieties and groundbreaking wines".

17 Aug 2020

As a runner I have always enjoyed long distance running. As a kid I would run from my family’s farm house into our local township and back, which was a 12km round trip.

11 Aug 2020

Ricca Terra has established a reputation for growing Italian grape varieties however, there are only a certain number of Italian grape varieties you can fit in one farm! The challenge for Ricca Terra’s viticulturist and owner, Ashley Ratcliff, was identifying a region and grape varieties that could compliment varieties such as Fiano, Vermentino, Montepulciano and Nero d’Avola that were already the cornerstone of Ricca Terra.

20 May 2020
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