Nearly sixteen months ago, I decided to become a vegetarian. For most of my life I loved meat!  My self-imposed treat on a Saturday morning was to drop in to our local butcher (Angaston) and have a slice or two of beef jerky with a cup of coffee for breakfast.  Bloody lovely!

17th Sep 2020

Wine Australia, "There’s a revolution underway in the Riverland wine region, and vigneron Ashley Ratcliff is leading the charge with his alternative varieties and groundbreaking wines".

17th Aug 2020

As a runner I have always enjoyed long distance running. As a kid I would run from my family’s farm house into our local township and back, which was a 12km round trip.

11th Aug 2020

Ricca Terra has established a reputation for growing Italian grape varieties however, there are only a certain number of Italian grape varieties you can fit in one farm! The challenge for Ricca Terra’s viticulturist and owner, Ashley Ratcliff, was identifying a region and grape varieties that could compliment varieties such as Fiano, Vermentino, Montepulciano and Nero d’Avola that were already the cornerstone of Ricca Terra.

20th May 2020

22° Halo is a visual moon ring and, according to folklore, warns of forthcoming climatic changes. Preparing for change can be unsettling but ignorance can be at one’s peril.

13th May 2020

Many of you may know, we decided over sixteen years ago to plant a number of new grape varieties that may adapt better to a changing climate. Today, we have over twenty five different grape varieties in our vineyards (some have been a success & some have failed).

15th Jan 2020