Low Intervention Wines

Our young wine business (established in 2017) is very much in its ‘learning’ stage. Many would think, ‘master the basics before starting on new projects’. In the world we currently live in, consumers are looking for the new toy in the playground! The new toys among those who like to explore is low intervention wines. These wines include skin contact and Pet Nat wines. These styles of wines can challenge the traditional wine drinker, but the well made low intervention wines are amazing and open a new chapter of wine drinking. The key is to be open minded.

We have been looking into the ‘fishbowl’ of these crazy labels and cloudy wines, thinking when was the best time to jump in and have a swim? The 2021 vintage was the year to reinvent ourselves. We decided to make three new wines under a funky new label. The label design was critically important. We employed street artist, Gabriel Cunnett, to create a label that captured our vineyards and the River Murray. The next step was to make some wines that challenged our comfort zone but still reflected great wine quality.

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