The Release of 2019 The Marathon Man

As a runner I have always enjoyed long distance running. As a kid I would run from my family’s farm house into our local township and back, which was a 12km round trip. My obsessions with running led me to completing 11 marathons, including the 2014 New York Marathon. Preparing for a marathon is very much like planting a vineyard; it requires dedication, pain and sacrifice. There are times you feel like giving up, especially when the finish line feels a life time away! Pushing through these times of doubt quickly turn into thoughts of victory as the crowds start to roar as you enter the final few kilometres of what is one of the toughest endurance challenges man or woman can do in their lifetime.

The 2019 Marathon Man is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot & Durif. Unlike the other wines made by Ricca Terra, the Marathon Man is aged in old oak for more than 12 months. This ageing process develops a wine that is rich in flavour and perfect for the winter months. Our new vintage is hot off the bottling line and is tasting amazing. It will be ready to purchase this Friday, so get an order in so you can enjoy.