Vegan Friendly Wines

For a number of years, I have been aware that I have had some early signs of cardio vascular disease.  I have always been fit, eaten well and enjoyed a balanced diet.  After a tense moment with my mother-in-law in Bali, who complained I could not hear her, I decided to have my hearing tested.  During the appointment with my doctor, he raised the notion that my heart condition, which is minor, could be reversed if I consumed only beans, rice and lettuce.  The thought of giving up Barossa made Mettwurst and my favourite dehydrated sausage was concerning, but if this choice was going to avoid a heart attack, then bring it on!

In May 2019, I started my adventure as a non-meat eating human.  This was on the eve of a four week trade trip to Canada and USA (great timing).  As I landed in Toronto, I gloated to our distributor of my new pathway to health, his response was big deal, I have been off meat for years (he also drove a Tesla…so he was the real deal).  This was a pure stroke of luck as he took me to many amazing vegetarian restaurants. Eating veggies was easy and great. 

I have really enjoyed my lifestyle change and plan to continue to walk its path.  Vegan wines are very similar.   I can’t say a vegan wine tastes any different to a non-vegan wine.  Actually, making vegan friendly wine is very easy.  It means getting rid of animal products when making wines, it does not affect the wine's taste and allows our wine to be enjoyed by more people.

So what are the animal products used?

Milk, egg whites and Isinglass (from fish) are used to clarify wines.  There have been questions regarding the use of animal products in the vineyard, such as composted manures to fertilise vineyards, and how they compromise the vegan approach to winemaking. This is a legitimate call, but the alternative is to use synthetic/man made fertilisers, which is far less healthier for the environment.

All of the 2020 Ricca Terra wines are made to comply with vegan standards.  We have taken this approach because it allows those consumers who want vegan wines to have a vegan wine.  Our decision has not compromised quality or value.  It has been the easiest decision to make to satisfy a specific group of customers needs without alienating our meat loving fans.  So, please enjoy all our vegan friendly wines.