Sustainable Viticulture & Winemaking

Our motto is to be a win-win business. 

We want our customers to win via Ricca Terra making and offering high quality value wines. We want our employees to win by providing a safe, uplifting and enjoyable workplace. We want to win by building a business that can create change and will be in existence in the years to come. None of this is possible if the environment can’t be one of the winners.

Sustainability is very much win-win! It’s a balance that ensures longevity and the ability that allows generations to come to farm the land that is Ricca Terra.

Our sustainability viticulture and winemaking measures include;

  • Growing climate adaptive grape varieties, which are less taxing on the fragile water resource that is the Murray River.
  • Using drought tolerant rootstocks and under vine mulches, which also assist in limiting the amount of water needed for irrigation.
  • Preventing fungal diseases using traditional organic practices (the arid climatic conditions of the Riverland also helps).
  • Planting native vegetation to increase the biodiversity of our vineyards.
  • Eliminating the use of animal products in the growing and making of our wines (we are vegan).
  • Using only second-hand barrels to mature our wines (we have saved a few oak trees and a bit on money).