Our Vineyards

Ricca Terra is made up of ten individual vineyards located in Barmera, South Australia.

In total, the vineyards occupy 70 hectares of land, which were originally farmed by returned soldiers from the first and second World Wars. Some of these original soldier settlement vineyards still exist and are the true treasures of Ricca Terra.

The dry and warm growing conditions of Barmera, means vineyards in the region (Riverland) rely on irrigation from the Murray River. The use of Mediterranean grape varieties (Nero d’Avola, Montepulciano, Tinta Barroca, Vermentino & many others), adoption of drought tolerant rootstocks, using water saving mulches and implementing premium viticultural techniques and technology, means Ricca Terra grows grapes and makes wines with minimal inputs and limits its environmental footprint.

Aligning climatic conditions with grape varieties that allow for sustainable farming and the crafting of premium wines is the core philosophy that drives Ricca Terra’s vision of creating one of Australia’s great vineyards.