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Award Winner

We are committed to investing in alternative grape varieties and discovering best match for region. Unique qualities are paramount; climatic adaption and a delicious final wine that inspires the imagination! Arinto is our homage to this. Please enjoy this fresh and vibrant wine, sure to turn heads.


The Story

Identifying a new grape variety to plant at Ricca Terra is a somewhat challenging and frustrating process. Any new grape variety needs unique qualities; whether that be climate adaptation characteristics, marketing opportunities or the ability to make exceptional wine. Preferably, any new grape variety planted will have all three qualities.

In 2012, Ricca Terra’ Viticulturist Ashley Ratcliff, was on the hunt for a new grape variety that he could add to the existing selection planted at Ricca Terra Farms. New grape varieties that have the ‘wow’ factor are very limited, but then Ashley came across Arinto, a white grape variety that can be found growing in abundance in Portugal.

Ashley calls Arinto the ‘Cumulus’ variety. Cumulus clouds are the ones that form different shapes and resemble common everyday objects as they swirl through the sky. The shape of the Arinto bunches are very similar to cumulus clouds, they come in an array of shapes and sizes. Arinto most definitely has the ‘wow’ factor. It makes fresh, flavoursome and complex wine. It really is a grape variety that will start turning heads!