Ricca Terra

Cinderella's Beads Sparkling Wine

The Blend - Vermentino, Greco & Nero d'Avola

The 2021 Ricca Terra ‘Cinderella’s Beads’ Sparkling Wine celebrates the beauty and sophistication of the Riverland! Her rust and rags have been eloquently replaced by fine beads of bubbles. It’s time to dazzle the world with the finesse and glamor that has been subdued for far too long! 


The Story

The Riverland has established a somewhat misleading reputation of growing and making wines that fall into the bulk and bland wine category! Like an old plough that has sat idle and neglected, weathering away over the years, the rusted taint of cheap and cheerful has been hard to move!

Truth be known, the Riverland is one of the great wine regions of the world! Spend a few days meandering down Australia’s longest river, consume the hand-grown and hand-made produce (including wine), and layback and absorb the cultural and natural diversity, and one will quickly realise it is a wine region completely misunderstood. It’s been hidden away while the other princesses have been the life of the party. 

Winemaking Notes

Technical Notes