Ricca Terra Juicy June Ricca Terra Juicy June
Ricca Terra

2023 Juicy June

Award Winner
The Blend - Grenache, Nero d'Avola & Black Muscat

Who is Juicy June? It is our lively and youthful early release red wine that we bottle in June of each year, only months after harvest. The disobedient tendencies to challenge traditions and ask "why not" more often than we should, ensures life is full of adventures and the small but priceless treasures are found. Hello Juicy June!


The Story

Beaujolais nouveau is a French thing! By the law of their land, the Gamay grapes must be harvested by hand. The early released red wine is bottled, only weeks after harvested, and sold at the same time every year, accompanied by fireworks, music and festivals. 

Juicy June is Australia’s Beaujolais nouveau! We harvest by hand, ferment in stainless steel and bottled in the shortest time possible from when the grapes were plucked from the vines. Instead of using Gamay, Negroamaro and Grenache are the varieties of choice. They bring bright and flavoursome characters to this wine. 

All the grapes are grown in a sustainable manner and meet vegan standards. 

Let’s forget about the wine for one-second! The label of this wine is amazing. It is happy, colourful and just makes you feel great.