Wine Packs

New Release 12 Pack

This pack of new releases includes:

2 x Ricca Terra Fiano

2 x Ricca Terra Arinto

2 x Ricca Terra Bronco Buster

2 x Ricca Terra Juicy June

2 x Ricca Terra Marathon Man

2 x 22º Halo Rosé


New Wines to Ricca Terra

FIANO - We have been growing Fiano for many winemakers for a few years now. One in particular was awarded a gold medal at last year’s Melbourne wine show. So we thought, lets keep some Fiano for ourselves... and it looks great in a new blue label. Wine also looks amazing.

JUICY JUNE - Another new wine to join the stable. It’s a blend of Negroamaro & Grenache. As the name suggests, it’s a juicy young red wine we bottled in June. The label of this wine looks a bit psychedelic.