Ricca Terra Pet Nat Ricca Terra Pet Nat
Ricca Terra

2022 Pet Nat Field Blend Rosé

The Blend - Grenache & Grenache Blanc

One will first notice the light pink colour, a bit like a perfect sunset. The wine has gone through sedimentation, this is the effect of the secondary fermentation process that occurs in the bottle. It is harmless and is understood to be an aphrodisiac (that is a rumour to the best of our knowledge). The bead of bubbles are fine and the wine presents in a manner that is to be enjoyed with good friends. 


The Story

Have you ever sat in a billy cart, on top of a hill, anticipating a bumpy and somewhat unsafe journey to the bottom? This gut wrenching feeling is somewhat similar to what we experienced when crafting our first Pet Nat wine. A billy cart and a Pet Nat wine are built in the same workshop! There is no owner’s manual, their success comes from much trial and error and tinkering! The early days generally ended in disaster. Wheels coming off mid-race or bottles exploding and gushing a sea of foam. All ending in disappointment and tears.

Thankfully those early days are behind us. The learning of the past has brought sophistication to the forefront. Billy carts have suspension and reliable steering, and Pet Nat wines now have a perfect fizz and delicate flavours. The 2021 Ricca Terra Pet Nat is a great example of the evolution of wine in Australia.