Ricca Terra

Reduced Alcohol Colour of Calmness

In tune with the evolving landscape of drinking preferences in 2023, Ricca Terra produces its first reduced alcohol wine. The Colour of Calmness Reduced Alcohol Rosé, at 7%, offers an option for those embracing a lighter, more mindful approach to their wine experience.

As we navigate the currents of modern tastes, this release is Ricca Terra's commitment to providing choices that align with the dynamic and health-conscious lifestyles of our customers.


The Story

After spending time working as a viticulturist in Southern Italy, Ricca Terra Farms’ Ashley Ratcliff, fell in love with the locally produced pale red wines and how they enchanted the villagers that consumed them in iced filled tumblers under the summer sun. This moment in time brought an apparent ‘calmness’ to a busy vintage.

The creation of rosé wine was never an afterthought for the Southern Italian winemakers with whom Ashley spent time. The careful selection of grape varieties that imposed flavour and natural acidity into a wine was paramount.

Ashley has selected and planted a number of Mediterranean grape varieties at Ricca Terra Farms that produce amazing rosé wines.