Ricca Terra

Snake in the House Dozen

This wine dozen consists of the perfect summer wines:

2 x 2023 Cinderella's Beads Prosecco

2 x 2023 Pinot Gris

2 x 2023 Bronco Buster

2 x 2023 Vermentino

2 x 2022 Grenache Blanc

2 x 2023 Colour of Calmness Rosé


The Story

As summer unleashes its warm embrace in Adelaide, it's essential to be mindful of the occasional reptilian visitors seeking cool refuge. Among them, snakes can sometimes slither into unexpected spaces!  

If you missed seeing this onInstagram, Ash & Holly's snake sighting went something like this...

"Now kids, keep the doors closed on hot days, especially in Australia... otherwise you will let the snake in the house.

The good news is, Holly did not die from a heart attack, I didn't put the shovel through the wall and the snake was caught.

Only a baby but still dangerous enough. This deserves a wine sale! Watch out for Holly's 'f... there is a snake in the house and I need a drink' wine pack tomorrow on our website (www.riccaterra.com.au).

PS: we apologise for two posts in one hour...but it was a slippery story worth telling."