Ricca Terra

2023 Soldiers’ Land Zibibbo Passito

101 Years of Family & Cultivation

In their prime, drying racks for dehydrating sultana grapes could be found throughout the Riverland. The Jury Road drying rack, which had been abandoned for 35 years, was restored and used to create our Zibibbo Passito. (Sun dried for 45 days), creating a semi-sweet wine, aromatic flavoured wine.

On returning home from both World Wars, soldiers were offered small plots of land to farm by the Australian government. Known as the Soldiers Settlement Scheme, this was the chance to make a new start and leave the turmoil of battle in the past.

This wine has two purposes. The first is to acknowledge & hopefully preserve the remaining old vineyards located in the Riverland (planted by returning soldiers but unfortunately many have been removed for economic reasons). The second purpose is to provide ongoing funding to the Returned & Services League (RSL). Today marks the birth of a partnership between Ricca Terra & RSL.

Your purchase of this wine will help both causes.



The Story

Grown on 60 year-old Zibibbo vines, the grapes were harvested in late April and dried on a 50 year-old drying racks (located only five metres from the vines) for 45 days. The drying/Passito process is employed to concentrate the flavour of the grapes, which produced an elegant and complex wine.